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Annelida from Skarsvaag Boats AS

Alu-Design is a proud supplier to Skarsvaag Boats as which has built the beautiful boat M / S Annelida, (LF5564), 13 x 3.75 x 1 m. Building number 156 from Skarsvaag Boats A / S, Frøya in 2020, (2021) .

The boat type is equipped with the chairs OPL and OP from Alu-design as. This boat is owned by Åkerblå A / S, which provides fish health services such as infection control, lice and biosafety. The new building is rigged so that Åkerblå can perform its environmental services at current and future fish farms.


This is a hull that can withstand the stresses you can expect with rough use. Skarsvåg builds their boats with maximum utilization of interior space in mind, and they use the same hull design on all their high-speed models. The straight hull sides provide good deck area and high cargo volume under deck, while the V in the underwater hull provides smooth walking and minimal impact in rough seas, this requires chairs as a tested and developed for the tough conditions such a boat is exposed to. Quality and comfort are our trademark.

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