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China: first ASD tugboat with hybrid propulsion, smart systems

We are very pleased to equip this 39-m vessel "Tugboat 5200HP" with an Alutech 630 chair on the Alutech

3505 deck rail.

This vessel is the first tugboat to have intelligent systems and lithium-ion (Li) batteries on board for electric propulsion and to augment diesel power during towage operations.

This tug has a beam of 11 m, a depth of 5 m and maximum speed of 11 knots. It can transit for 2.5 hours on batteries alone at a speed of 10 knots. The Li batteries can be charged fully in around 2.5 hours using a shore power system and can be charged at sea by the diesel engines.

In battery mode, Qing Gang Tuo 1 can achieve zero fuel consumption and emissions, saving an estimated 227 tonnes of fuel oil and 700 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

12,568 sensors are installed on board, providing regular data streams for smart devices, intelligent systems and six sets of artificial intelligence modelling systems.

The ship intelligence system can analyse the signals of marine communication equipment in real-time and evaluate the collision risk, assisting tug masters with safer navigation.

Data from the intelligent navigation, engineroom and energy efficiency management system will be collected to form a unified integrated platform of onboard information and applications, and for comprehensive monitoring and intelligent management of this tugboat at the port terminal and owner’s shore base.

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