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F/T Sunderøy

F / T Sunderøy The Norwegian company Holmøy Maritime named its new ship F / T Sunderøy on 2 .October

F/T Sunderøy

The 77 meter long and 17 meter wide vessel, which this weekend was christened at Sortland in Vesterålen. The shipping company believes the trawler "Sunderøy" is one of the world's most modern fishing vessels. Sunderøy also has a battery-hybrid system developed by the Kongsberg group, and is built to reduce water resistance.

The boat has the most advanced equipment possible to obtain in terms of current fisheries. Alu-Design has in collaboration with the Kongsberg group delivered chairs and rails to the bridge. Sunderøy is built at Gondan Shipyard in Ribadeo . Alu-Design thanks the Kongsberg Group and Holmøy Maritime for the delivery and we wish F / T Sunderøy all the best.


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