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A modern design operator chair with numerous additional options i.e., electric recline, seat tilt and height adjustment, chair height adjustment, electric rotation through 360 degrees. Armrests are offered with optional size for customized installation of armrest mounted equipment.

Like our new S5 series, the S12 includes a hardback cover as standard.S12 can be supplied with electric deck rails prepared for integrated cable guiding.


• Electric reclining backrest

• Electric height adjustment

• Optional 6-way electric rotation

• Selection of 3 armrest sizes

• Armrests suitable for equipment installation

• Concealed and protected cable managment

• Electric height adjustment of footrest

• Fold up footrest

• Optional 6-way electric adjustment of seat cushion

Suitable either as “stand alone” units or installed on

    electric operated deck rails with cable managment

Available with hardback in high gloss finish


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