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Bahama Extended

2013 bahama extended_edited.png

The “Bahama Extended” is a business or first class seat that offers extra comfort for passengers with a design allowing a more spacious seating than standard.

A passenger seat for those with higher expectations! The “Bahama Extended” offers reclining possibilities down to 45 dgr.

HSC 2000 – Annex 10 approved


• Electric reclining

• Footrest

• Table on back of seat

• Closed armrest of 45 mm or 90 mm width

• Armrest with retractable table

• USB and power outlets

• Newspaper pocket

 Integrated lifejacket box

 Versatile mounting options for

    deck placement

• Stylish wooden armrest tops


Untitled Project 17_edited.jpg
Untitled Project 21.jpg
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